About Us

About Us

ReNew Repair & Cleaning Service was started in 2001 in South Florida as a family owned and run business. In the past seventeen years, the company has remodeled/repaired/cleaned more than 200 homes/properties. Our clientele grew through our untiring efforts of providing the best services in the region. We count our customers as our most precious assets as their trustful referrals have brought us where we are today. We aspire to be better than others in this field and to achieve our dream we strive to never fail to meet the expectations of our clients.
We believe hygiene is very important and cleanliness is second nature. We believe that cleanliness is as important for the house as it is for personal hygiene. Our goal is to service homes and other properties to make them look better to help in providing the residents a complete sense of comfort.
ReNew Repair & Cleaning Service has transitioned its high level of service to our neighbors in South Georgia where we now reside. Our services include painting, pressure washing, carpentry work, appliance replacement, minor electric work, minor plumbing work, tile work, cleaning of vacant homes and apartments, carpeting and steam cleaning of carpets. Whatever your service needs are we can provide it or find a way to get it done for you. Just call on us!

Why Choose Us

Guaranteed Perfection

We guarantee perfection in our work. We believe in satisfying our customers with integrity and honesty so we put sincere efforts in our services which leads us to perfection.

Highly Efficient

ReNew Repair & Cleaning Service has a well-equipped and impressively trained team of workers and professionals who efficiently repair the defects in your home or commercial property.

Customer Friendly

Our staff is very friendly and dedicated in their job. We have high concerns for hygiene and we show it through our staff. Our customers are always happy with our work.

Durable Services

ReNew Repair & Cleaning Service uses top shelf supplies for your repair needs. We guarantee durability in our work which keeps the hassle of maintenance away from you for a longer period.